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Cruise Internet Booking Engine IBE
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IBE Internet Booking Engine

An internet booking engine (IBE) is a software for reserving travel services, e.g. cruises, via the internet.

Due to the automated search for certain criteria (area, ship, date, price, etc.), an IBE can quickly generate offers that may already be exactly priced and/or vacancy-checked. Thus, IBEs form the core of an online travel agency.



simply more...

CRUISEHOST takes a holistic approach so that your website can be recognized as such! Your customer needs to know which website he is on at any time. You determine the look and feel, you can not only adapt the design elements of the page, you can embed your own text blocks, manage the filters and much more. Use our entire content management system to create your distinct website, differenciate yourself from your competition.



Set dynamic content and offer your customers maximum variety. We have a large portfolio ready for you such as shortlink pages, specific landing pages, deeplinks, etc. Use our database content with our 140 dynamic filters to map important market trends on your website.



Our solutions offer you maximum space for your customisation! Management of closed user prices, publish your own packages, integration of your favorite cruise companies ... to name just a few examples. Make yourself unmistakable for your customers!


Our solution guides the customer intuitively through the booking process. We do not use distracting pop-ups or unnecessary information. Your customer stays on your website and in the booking process! Paired with the right SEO measures, you can balance your advertising expenditure in a targeted manner.



We provide you with an extensive database with vacancies and prices. We take great importance to data quality. In order to be able to guarantee this, it is our aim to be directly connected to the cruise company booking system. Where this is not possible, we import in prices and vacancies from the cruise companies several times a day. Comparability of tariffs, up-to-dateness and the mapping of customer-relevant information such as ship details, cabin descriptions, inclusive services, pre-contractual information, etc. are key factors here in order to accompany your customers confidently in the research and in the booking process!


offers you a very wide range of products around IBE & website.



1. CRUISEC the cruise-ibe as Iframe or full page.

2. PAGEMAKER our Content Management System CMS for designing the IBE as well as creating additional pages
3. social media wizzzard - create social media posts and keep track of your success
4. newletter wizzzard - create newsletters easily from PAGEMAKER pages
5. image wizzzard - easily store your image collection with us and also use our 10,000+ images
6. CRUISECUSTOMIZER - create your own trips, packages, promotions



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